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a tumult of dreams

My apologies for lack of updates! There were actually more than a couple of dreams I wanted to write out, but fell into laziness. Shortly after this habit, my dreams started to get mind-numbingly dull as if in rebellion, till last night :D (when I wished furtively that they become a *little* more interesting, even if they had to be dull) So here we go, a massive update... >_>
They're all different in tone. So I think I will try to separate them as necessary :3

i. a birthday dream:
(It felt very much like a gift from something-other. That jacuzzi, for example. I spent the majority of the dream floating around in the water under those looming windows, enjoying the indulgence XD. Erm, cat-gift-dreams are largely indulgent.)

Ida, meeting her finally! In my uncle's mansion, where everything is dressed in dark mahogany wood, red-turkish carpet, and full-length mirrors that balance off the deep walls, flashing . The dark wooden staircases sweep upwards, leading to higher levels.
On a bed with Ida. Everything is saturated with a kind of dank, dark scent/atmosphere. She has a stuff toy with her- a lizard with a white mane. It drops below the bed. Looking under, we see an assortment of real lizards and other not-so-nice creatures. The floor crawls with bugs, and abandoned wind-up toy-things that creak and walk about. I tell Ida her lost toy is probably in the last place she would look at, and it is: in her pocket.

Before dinner, I tell Ida I'm going to take a bath, and slip into the bathroom. It's huge, with looming windows and two oversized square jacuzzi bathtubs. I swim about in one, enjoying the clean parting of water under skin...

Uncle's house, again, but tone has changed. The children are never present, but hide in their rooms, secluded. The bathroom, with its two huge tubs remains. Having swam in the tubs a second time (this time with a couple of other people), I wrap myself in a fluffy towel knitted in mauvish thread and proceed down the mahogany steps to check for dinner. The family sits, below. Regal and cold, not talking, their faces are stoned and somewhat frightening. My aunt suddenly appears from a corridor, grabs my arm, and pulls me aside. "He will catch us!" she cries. Sure enough, I hear the footsteps ascending... She pulls me two stories up to hide underneath a tablecloth. I am uneasy at first- am I allowed upstairs?
When we emerge from the table, we've apparently landed in a bookroom full of old bookshelves with a few wooden stools scattered about for sitting. Megan, and a few others who I don't recognise sit around. My aunt is Lady Macbeth, and they reenact a portion of Macbeth before my eyes. When it comes to my turn, though, I don't remember my lines. I tell them i haven't memorised that portion of it, having had no notice... One of the girls carries a paper heart she is making for the play.

ii. Something pretty, but partially forgotten :3

old school. tree, nighttime. Vines twining about concrete. A massive oak tree gleams under the moonlight in the center of the school, where the corridors circle around like a salutation. Running through these corridors with moon-swept lungs, feeling very exalted. It's so beautiful...
Also, running through the corridors by day. The tone is different, but exciting, nonetheless...
There is a story here, but I have left it alone for so long much of it is forgotten :3
Later: I think I *do* partially remember it. I'll come back and rewrite it sometime soon :D

iii. An adventure dream, disguised under a veil of normalcy:

before: I have a house with a garden. A neat little garden in the backyard with sweet little pots of plants, a wooden shoe rack, and neat little bushes. My garden faces another with a huge oak tree. It is Victoria's, I realise later. In her cupboard are her shoes, neatly arranged. Neat black pumps next to boots. I scold myself for being so silly- Victoria was always so near me! Didn't I realise this all along? I ride the rope of an oak tree and fly over her house from a vantage point.

The house turns into Laoshi's house. I step into it boldly, claiming it as my own. I put the water on, preparing to take  bath. I climb into a blue and white striped man's shirt for sleeping, and tuck Fraidy and Darling (a stuffed cat and dog) under my arm, together with a towel.
Outside, a cafe. A french cafe with open air, shade, and the wisp of pastries. I pass by a face that seems familiar. He runs after me, asks me questions. Peculiar questions that don't seem *right*. "How old are you?" He asks, "why are you here? What business do you have here?". He drags me to a hotel/bar called the Walnut Tree, and signs a room in my name. I'm indignant, and call Laoshi to pick me up. I talk to her in Chinese over the phone, in an indirect taunt to him. Then, I sit him down on a chair, look him in the eye, and ask him to tell me what exactly he wanted. His eyes are alarming- they are huge, languid, familiar yet hiding something deeper and sinister. He is silent, unable to answer, and I leave.

Before. Walking the streets, I'm suddenly aware I'm in a dream, so I test the air, smelling and feeling all that is. The streets are illuminated by street lamps; everything is moist and real. I can smell the night air, feel the pavement crisply under my feet. I am satisfied.
(this is the 2nd time this has happened in a row, actually- realising I am in a dream and just quietly accepting it in  an amused, detached manner.)

The pig- my original neighbour, the original owner of the neat little garden opposite mine- arrives. He rescues me. He has the artificial fur of one of those gift pigs. I'm still wearing my 'pajamas'. He flies me over blue skies, telling me who exactly the men who had tried to trap me were. He tells me they are actually monsters, bad things that wanted to consume me.
We are pursued, by creatures. One of them is a clampy, spider-like black creature. It uses 3 of its legs to grab 3 rings of my ribcage, making 'bat wings' (subconsciously, in my dream, I ponder the ingenuity of this device). It flies me away, laughing sinisterly. "You shouldn't have told her all of that! We all heard your story, and know what to do now!" it boasts. I'm stricken by a brief panic at being separated from my guardian. I twist its arms in retaliating, causing it to fall to the ground. Its helper, a loch ness carnival monster with a long neck and a pattern of yellow and green diamonds reaches for me. I grab its neck and twist it, as well. In that way, I flee with my pig friend to his home town...

In their home town, everything is peaceful. There is a sweet little river, and children-piglets playing and laughing. I'm reminded strangely of The Shire in the Lord of the Rings.
Soon, this will end, as my pursuers catch up with me, and a dark shroud will fall over the town...
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