bleedingworlds (bleedingworlds) wrote,

a trap dream

Disclaimer, being this dream was rather disturbing to me? So it is not very pretty.


trapped in the interior of a rather modern building. something very, very wrong is going on here. I can sense it in the air- a sort of sticky staleness that harasses the senses... The feeling that you are being abuse, used, raped.
there is someone with me. he knows the place well, but is a slave to it (I am more of a hostage than a slave)
in this building, all clocks run backwards. the buttons on the lifts go from the lowest level down to the highest level. In a lift, an escort brings that friend and me to the highest/lowest floor- '1'...
the lift unexpectedly opens at around 26? and I see a red, cushioned room with glass panels. there is a man wearing an odd mask, and a whip...
Escort sighs, presses 1. Red falls, and white cushions rise. "Go out now, just press the doors open," my friend says, but it is too late.
at the bottom, there is a red room full of screens where hidden cameras around the world were placed. polaroid photos of people lie about in stacks. It's all part of some kind of horrid fascist regime.
I sense this is a trap dream, and 'pry' my way back to the lift part of it, alone. there is a button "0" below 1. I guess this is the exit, press it, and will myself out of there, thereby slipping into another dream...

Outside, in a Californian-like landscape full of hills and dizzy sunlight. I have a pet golden retriever puppy who is absolutely unmanageable. In anger, I smite him with a palm (in a sort of bite-technique I saw in the Dog whisperer), and he cowers to the ground. To my horror, the fur on the side of his muzzle is scrapped...

Daiso, or a thrift store variation. There is a pale, pinkish dress I am trying on. It settles on my skin like petals.

Outside, again- A house. Taking a walk along the San Francisco-suburb-esque streets, and encountering a huge? house.
Inside, the family
The father is very controlling; he is the pepertuater of this madness. "They all love him on the inside," I say," that's why they do it."
The son, and daughter. The son is the one I am playing with (is he the same person as the friend in the lift? Are these parallel dreams?) has issues. He is harassed by that clingy-thing that envelopes the whole house. I am a stranger, a guest, though, so I am not- like him- trapped.
He does not have to tell me secrets- I feel them on him, and in the air.
Outside his sister's room, underwear with huge bows lie among towels.
Dinner table, having a dinner of mushroom dishes, and other things. Sitting beside the boy and his sister so I can talk to them about what is going on without the parents being suspicious. I am, somehow, going to free them...

It's hard to explain, but even though the atmosphere of this dream was disturbing, it was, in some strange way, comforting :3 Like a kind of velvet cushion... I woke up feeling rather fulfilled (and having eaten delicious things in my dream XD) and very, very thoughtful... I'm so curious about the characters in this dream. They feel like real parallel-universe people, if that makes sense :3
Tags: adventure, clocks running backwards, fascist governments, trap dreams
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