bleedingworlds (bleedingworlds) wrote,

a dream

house night running
only sand, dirt, grain and darkness at the bottom of reality/the sea-bed of dream;
I am formless, darkness, a formless being; fingers gone, there is nothing to grapple
out of dream  /horizons blur, like hazy mathematical lines
claustrophobic, in the womb of the world there is only dirt grain soil
the body of me/ me of the world; of beginnings, spiralling back to a
primordial terror -
/incarnating onto a TV screen full colour splat on a screen
a house,
streets dark running with the mud, from a land, government, something


It was so, so terrifying o_o. And sublime...
I felt like I touched something so beyond representation I was so very sure I was stuck in dreams.
The strange thing was that I knew it was a dream, and I couldn't get out.
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