bleedingworlds (bleedingworlds) wrote,

black boars rushing through the mountain tops
grassy cliffs bent over height, stone ledged grassy with
hedges, hanging dangerously over threatening to
shake my soul asunder

hiking through the hills with a little boy companion and a group
we run, me with my bag and laptop; it's heavy, I think it to leave it
behind but it's too late
the stampede of black boars of mad red eye. one of them jostles me
man with German Shepherd rushes with them down the hill, the boar
turns into a bear, grabs at the dog's leg. he hits him with a stick
the boy tells me: watch carefully, and know the cruelty of the hunter
and hot he rips off the ear of his dog despite his having saved him
it will do you good to go down, too

I say no, I will walk back. I do not want to die out of over-acceleration.
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